Supporting parents in speaking up for their children

They Need Us To Change

I’m so tried of all the fake focus we have on children.
We pretend to have their best interests in mind but we don’t.
Instead we are ignoring them…
Clothes, toys, a spotless house, the next big experience, the perfect school,
picture perfect moms on Instagram after hours on Pinterest, the cutest breakfast plates,
recreating the outdoors in sensory bins.
All for what?
Take a trip back in time with me. Not very far, lets start at your childhood.
What are your most favorite memories?
Take another step back. What are the stories your parents and even grandparents
repeat over and over again?
It only takes a few moments to realize we are doing it all wrong.
Our children do not have…
– the sparkle in their eye,
– that sense of adventure,
– the awareness of their surroundings,
– The desire to stay outside regardless of weather or time.
– Pride over a job well done,
– The desire to learn and better themselves
– Self confidence
– tthe instinct to take care of themselves
– Imagination
– Critical thinking and even social skills.
You know what I’m saying is true. You see it.
You are not allowed to walk away saying,
“Ya, I couldn’t agree with you more but that’s the way it is.”
It’s time to stand up for our kids.
It’s our responsibility to take charge
It’s time for the change.
You must be the change your kids need.

Don’t worry you are not alone.
We are here to guide you in this journey and give you all the support you need
to create a over flowing tool box for this powerful impact you are adventuring on.