B. Wild

Speaking Up For Children

I’m here to stand up for children on many topics from learning through play, a quite lifestyle, nutrition, defending life, outdoors, health, life skills, and how parents can and need to be the change their kids need.

A Quite Life

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Raising Them Wild


Health & Nutrition

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Children need time, space, play and boredom to develop to their fullest potential.

We believe in stepping back out of the crazy of life. 

Getting back in touch with nature, each other, faith, families, our bodies, intuition, in-stinks, and whatever else matters. 

Our senses and intuition are numbed everyday.

Children need so much more sensory richness than what is offered in a sensory bin.

“Enchanted by the splash of a puddle. Enchanted by a butterfly. Enchanted by the sparrow. Enchanted by a stream. Enchanted by the glow of the moon. Our world is so enchanting!”

If we don’t I have our health we can’t accomplish much. 

This effects every area of our lives including physical and mental development. 

The B. Wild life is here to navigate the hot topics giving your child optimal health and why. From sleep, rest, nutrition, medical care, herbal, anatomy, and more. 

Home Based Mama Boss


Defender Of Life


Child's Play

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It begins at home. Home is where our loved ones are. Home is the place children always feel safe.

As parents our children where given to us to raise to influence, to impact, to bring up as the next generation. And how can we do that if we are giving them up for hours a day?

I have created income from home to be with my kids as much as I can it’s time you did too. 

From the unseen microbes to the tallest standing tree. 

From conception to the wise old woman. 

God has given us life to take care of, big or small. 

Life is sacred. 

And as of right now we are disregarding life. 

We are killing our future. 

We all learn differently, at different speeds, and with different interests. 

Meet children where they are at not where society expects them to be.

We believe every child should be provide with their own unique environment that allows them to thrive physically, socially, emotionally, and academically. 

There is a life we HAVE TO live

We are responsible for raising the next generation and
"good enough" isn't going to cut it anymore.

We must be the change our kids need

~ B. Wild

Training & Certifications

Certified Health Coach

Summer of 2018

Children's Health

Completed extensive courses from:

Aviva Romm, MD & Barbara O’Neill ND

Summer 2018

Certified Tinkergarten Leader

February 2019

Master Herbalist Course

March of 2019


  • Youth Fitness Trainer Certification
  • Yoga Certification 
  • Doula Certification
  • Clinical Herbalist 
  • Mastering Vaccine Info Course

Woman's Health & Hormones

I have taken extensive classes, trainings, and coaching sessions from 

Nicole Hegstad – Fertility Advocate

Summer 2018 and on going!

Come Find Wild You!