Welcome To Wild You

What is Wild You?


You will be invited to our private group of moms

to connect and lean on. We hope you will find

relationships to last a life time with other

like minded woman.


Create your own personalized login

information to our B. Wild’s Members Site

and have access to all our classes. 


We have put together everything from herbal

education to toxic chemicals and are

working on adding new ones to empower

you in protecting your family.

Knowledge is power and you have

to be empowered to protect your family.


Along with longer classes we are also
have quick guides and protocols with loads
of rock solid advice on your child’s health
and lifestyle. 
Everything from treating colds, healing cuts
and scraps, handling doctor visits, essential oils,
yoga, vaccinations, food, massages, minimalism,
and SOOOOOO much more

It is vital that you know why you are doing
what you are doing for
your family and why you are
not doing what you doing for them.

~ B. Wild


In our private group you will get updated tips from me on various topics and 

weekly LIVE Q&A time with me, B. Wild. 


Because sometimes standing up for your children is easier said than done. 


I’m here to help answer your questions directly, give advice on 

verbiage, and over all support and encouragement to help you keep fighting 

because your children and grandchildren are worth it.

Coming Fall 2019

We are still setting up and creating all this awesomeness for you to be

empowered and find your WILD YOU! 


If you are interested in joining WILD YOU drop us a note and tell us what you 

would most like to see in the membership site and receive your first month free!


We can not wait to start connecting with you all!