What Is Earthing?

Electrical Currents

Electrical Currents

Electrical Currents

There are electrical currents on the earth.  Our bodies are much like batteries with an electrical current that flows through us.  When a person has a heart attack we shock it back into rhythm.  Our hearts beat at different rhythms that are caused by the electrical  current running though our bodies

The reason that prolonged exposure to electronics is bad for us is because our electronics run at a positive electrical current. Our bodies, however, are supposed to run at a negative electrical current. 

There's good news though, the earth emits a negative electrical current! 

Even better news, you can 'soak up' that negative current by earthing!


Electrical Currents

Electrical Currents

It's simple. 

All you have to do is be connected to the earth! The very way God intended us to live. 

Walk barefoot on the ground

Sit on the ground

Lay on the ground

Swim in natural bodies of water that are in direct contact with the ground

Hugging a tree (this is the best option for the winter months in northern climes)


Electrical Currents

What Earthing is NOT

  • Better Sleep (Longer and harder)

  • A Stronger Immune System

  • Improved Attitude/mood

  • Faster Healing (Including bones!)

  • Mental Clarity

  • Clearer and Stronger Lungs

  • Lowered Anxiety

  • Reduced Depression

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Reduced Pain (such as Arthritis or achy muscles)

  • Balanced Hormones

What Earthing is NOT

What Kids Shouldn't Do

What Earthing is NOT

No Shoes - Unless they're leather soled, such as moccasins, with no rubber

No sitting outside on a wood deck   or sealed concrete  - The wood is dead and the current can't flow though it and the sealant breaks the current too

Swimming in a man-made pool

Although there are other benefits that come from being outside at all times and during all situations, these are simply not classified as earthing so you won't receive the benefits of earthing while doing these activities. 

So, if these are your only options still go for it! Your child will always benefit from being fresh air and the outdoor surrounding.

What Kids Shouldn't Do

What Kids Shouldn't Do

What Kids Shouldn't Do

The only thing you should not let your kids hold cell phones, ipad/tablets, computers, any electronic, etc. . 

This is because electronics will reverse whatever negative electrical current they are picking up.

They can do anything else. 

Earthing & The Immune System

Earthing provides three MAJOR components to the immune system.

1) The electrical current that we've discussed above. When your child's body is functioning the way that it was created to function, you are able to fight off viruses, bacteria, infections and any other germs that choose to invade your body.

2) Fresh air. Your child's body NEEDS fresh air. Studies are now proving that because of the toxic chemicals in our homes, even in the heart of polluted cities, the air is less toxic outside our homes than inside. Getting outside and giving their lungs the chance to breathe deep and pull in clean air gives our bodies an essential tools needed to boost our immune system. The lungs themselves are used to detox our bodies. If our lungs are filled with polluted air they can't detox.

3) Vitamin D. This vitamin is so crucially essential for our health it is the least known for keeping the common cold away. Everyone turns to vitamin C when the colds begin to go around, but Vitamin D is even more important! Spending time in the sunshine will help your child boost their vitamin D in their body! 

- It is important to note: viruses do not die in warm weather or go away in the summer time because of the heat. Viruses are a problem all year round, this is why we get summer colds when our immune system is low. We do not get sick in the summer because we are outside earthing. Even if we're not doing it on purpose the opportunities for us to be practicing earthing happen all the time in the summer vs the winter. If you want to boost your child's immune system get outside! 

A cold won't stand a chance against your super charged immune system!


Outside Ideas


This is just a list of ideas and not by any means exhaustive.

  • Read a books
  • Listen to music
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Play solitaire (or any card game)
  • Lay on your back and watch the clouds, trees, stars or moon.
  • Meditate or focus on your breath
  • Memorise a poem or Bible verse
  • Spend time in Prayer
  • Make up rhyme
  • Tell stories   
  • Practice Yoga (on a cloth mat)
  • Stretch
  • Massage each others feet
  • Find their favorite treasures (rocks, sticks, leaves, flowers, etc.)
  • Paint your daughters nails (with nontoxic paint)
  • Stack Rocks
  • Garden (barefoot)
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset
  • Talks 
  • Share a meal
  • Play with your pets
  • Make a fort with sticks, blankets, a tarp
  • Forage for herbs

Moon Bathing

What is Moon Bathing?

It's exactly what it sounds like. It's earthing at night!

So all of the same things; walking barefoot, laying on the ground, sitting on the ground or swimming in a natural body of water that is adjoined to the ground.

This will drastically help the immune system by keeping hormones and sense of time! Which of course boosts the immune system! 


Mommy Bonus

Did you know that the moon can help you regulate your cycle?! 

One way to do this is to sleep in total darkness for 26 of the

 29 day lunar cycle. 

There are other techniques to get your body in toon 

You only want to be exposed to any light at night that the moon puts off. you can shock your body faster by sleeping in total darkness. Think putting tin foil on your windows kind of darkness. Then on the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon sleep with a small light on or better yet with the tin foil pulled down so that the light of the moon can shine on you. 

If you live in the county with no artificial light shining on you just let the natural light takes its course. 

After a time, your cycle will begin to sync with the moon where you will ovulate during the full moon and your period will start during the new moon. 

This is fantastic because during the full moon you feel energetic and daring, the perfect time to ovulate. Whereas during the new moon you feel more chill and relaxed, a great time to sit on the couch and bleed it out.

Before artificial lights and screens all women had their periods during the same week and all ovulated during the same week.

This would also include being very careful with cell phone/electronic 

use in bed.

EXTRA: Go moon bathing naked!

Just make sure you are in a safe location. :) 

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