Work From Home For Your Kids

Why For Your Kids?

They Are Worth It

It is the hype now-a-days to “Join our company! You can make millions and all from the beach!’

Not only is this a pipe dream with kids but it isn’t what you envision your dream life really being like.  

So that not why I started my own business….

I did it for my kids. I really just wanted to live life with my kids and be comfortable.

I didn’t want to be rich or to be able to do anything.

 And I didn’t want the double wammy of  have to worry about the basics and leave my kids at daycare all day. 


Time is so precious to me now more than ever. 

When I was married our dream even then was to get my husband home so we could all do life together. I hated how it was one or the other of us leaving our family unit. I just new that wasn’t they way we where created to live. 

Now, as a single mom it isn’t even an option. God did not give me these children to be raised by someone else. 

If you figure up the time you spend away from your kids when you get a 40 hour a week job its jaw dropping. 

Kids spend 1/2 their time sleeping, 1/4 your time is at work (note also the most important hours in the day. That leaves you with only a 1/4 of your child’s time in the day to influence them, love them, learn with them, create a bond and relationship with. I’m sorry but its not possible. 

Time to step up for your kids.


This was a no brainer for me of course when my husband worked my business income was extra and I mostly spend  the money re-envesting. 

However, when It fell on me to provide for us. I caved and looked for a “real” job. Then I looked into daycare. OH MY WORD, how do couples even afford it!

At an average paying job I was going to be making $1500/month. Daycare/preschool for an infant and two toddlers would have been $1600-1900/month depending on the style I wanted to go with. 

So yes, right now if I conformed to society I’d be paying daycare so I could go to work. Loosing money and being away from my kids. NO THANKS!

This doesn’t include new cloths, extra food, and so much more that requires holding down a job under someone else..

Show Them

Even before I was a single mom I wanted to do something my kids would be proud of me for and really so I could be proud of myself. 

I know all the fears that accompany starting out on your own which is what keeps everyone in the 9-5. 

It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

Their are probably a million and one opportunities out their to get stared working  from home, but that first leap is the hardest.

I know my kids can see that that it  is POSSIBLE  for them.

That they can push though and create anything they want and believe in. 

You Know...

If your still reading this you have these same dreams too. 

You might have a few fears and feel it is out of your reach. 

Well, I’m here to tell you it is not! I have done it and I have helped others do it to!

Whatever your passion is you can make a living off of it. 

Whatever your life experience have been –  you can help someone else. 

God gave it to you for a reason.

And if you don’t know yet I’m here to help you dig deep and find it. 

Let’s make it happen now. So that you can live the lifestyle you need for your family.

I offer  – Training, mentoring, coaching, marketing tools & so much more

 to ensure your success 

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