Nutrition Challenge

It is recommend that we eat 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. 

That is huge, seriously unattainable AND still not enough as our produce in the stores is lacking by being picked before it is ripe enough. 

 But we need to just START and work our way up! 

Here we have set our sites on:

  • 3 servings of vegetables 
  • 2 servings of fruit

This is the recommendation for a young toddler and really a great place for everyone to start!

Check out the tracker below to help you  in your journey!

What Counts?

We are focusing on whole food the way God created it for us to consume so there are some guide lines that actually make this much simpler for you! 

  • A serving size can very from age to age. For example a 2 year old may eat half an apple and a 5 year old a whole apple. Use your instincts here. And never force more food if a child is hungry they will eat anything. Their body is also learning how to process all this new nutrition it has never seen before! 

  • Processed foods that don't count are store bought apple sauce, juices, fruit snacks, food pouches, Some of these can be ok to consume in a non-toxic way but its not the same food goals we are going for here. For more on Processed foods check out the guide in the library.

  • Fresh is always best but there are seasonal and location challenges so frozen is NEXT! Canned is nothing more than glorified mush with heavy metal toxicity.

Learn More About Nutrition!



Water Challenge

The average recommendation for drinking water is eight 8oz. glasses

From watching my own kids & families of my clients we are shooting for

  •  20oz of water a day for everyone

Just get started!


  • First thing when we get up in the morning I say to my kids, "Good morning!  Did you take two sips of water yet?" - This is it right here. Those first two sips for them set there whole day. It also changes that grumpy morning mood!

  • Water bottles for everyone! Everyone should have there own water bottle. I let my kids carry them around the house and between the 3 of them they always have a reminder near by. We have 12 oz water bottles, so I know if I refill them in that day we are doing good and it makes it easy to keep track of

  • Keep their water bottles by their bed. Spill proof water bottles are life!

  • In the beginning offer, offer, offer, it will seem old but we simply just forget to drink water because life is busy and kids are busy playing

Learn More About Hydration



Earthing is simply having direct contact with the earth.

  • No Shoes - Unless they're leather soled, such as moccasins, with no rubber
  • No sitting outside on a wood deck or sealed concrete  - The wood is dead and the current can't flow though it and the sealant breaks the current too
  • Swimming in a man-made pool
  • No electronic use

Check out more in the guide below

Earthing Challenge

You can never have enough connection with the earth. We were created to live in direct contact with the earth 24/7. 

For this challenge we encouraging you to earth for

  • 20 minutes a day!

If you can stay outside longer, Fantastic!

Learn More About Earthing


Share! Brag! Be Inspired!

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Your Own Creative Ideas, & get inspired by others!

Weekly BINGO!!

Let's play!!!! Download and print off the bingo cards and fill them up!

(or watch our IG stories to screen shot and save on your device)

Eat your nutrition, drink water in fun places, and do activities while earthing!

Share your bingo progress by tagging us in your instagram posts or stories!

Print a card off for each child or one for the whole family to do together!

Week of April 20th, 2020 - Veggies!

(Also find a copy to screen shot to any device in my highlights on IG - @thebwildlife)

Bingo - Vegetables (1) (pdf)


Monthly Tracker

Keep track of your child's serving goals, water intake, and earthing time with this 

adorable tracker!

If bingo is to much for this month, download and print off individual tracker for each kido!

Save each month in a binder or folder to see how far they have come!

Be gentile with your self and your child and enjoy the journey knowing that even the smallest change is making a huge impact. 

Reach out if you have any questions for your child or family's individual needs.

(Also find a copy to screen shot to any device in my highlights on IG - @thebwildlife)

The Immune System Challenge Tracker (png)


Some Benefits Seen From This Challenge

Stronger Immune System

Sick Less Often

Better Digestion 

Possible lower medication usage

improved Mood

Better Sleep

Lowers Stress

Improved Wound healing

Bone Healing

Protection Against Heart Disease

Reduction of Inflammation

Thinking & Mind Clarity 

Healthier Skin

Low Blood Pressure

Lower risk of Diabetes 

Growing Pains

And so much more.....