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My story is like any other typical millennial's, I didn't care and honestly laughed at people that thought it mattered what we put in our bodies let alone our environment. 

 I ate everything I wanted when I wanted. Fast food, soda, candy, everything processed.  

I have the skinny gene so I must have been doing good right? I ignored my aches and pains, teeth issues, tried, sluggish, memory issues, foggy brain, all of it because its normal to feel like crap right? 

I grew up in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Before getting married. I was a florist and loved working in greenhouses. 

In 2014, I got married and moved to North Dakota. Six months later we where expecting our first baby but he/she was quickly taken at 10 weeks pregnant to, Lord willing, be with our savior in heaven. 

We quickly tried again and Mr. Fritz was due to arrive in early/mid September of the next year!


But not everything was sunshine and posies. At his 20 week fetal appointemt we found out he was a heart baby. 

After a trip across the state his official diagnosis came back as Tetralogy of Fallot with an Absent Pulmonary Valve. 

As any mother my concerns began. I didn't change much but I started second guess as I deprived myself of water and grabbed my 5th pop tart for the day. 

We moved to Denver, Colorado from North Dakota, two weeks before he popped, to avoid Mr. Fritz being flown there immediately after birth and us left to follow. 


Four weeks before Fritz was due a friend reached out to me about a product she had found to help her pregnancy, Juice Plus. I didn't think much of it but I ordered to support her and I knew I could give my baby all that he need. 

Fritz came 2 weeks yearly on August 31st, 2015. Like my pregnancy I had an extremely easy first delivery. The only thing in my pregnancy was I was told I would need a blood transfusion after birth due to low iron. Normal, right? 

But when I asked when this would happen the nurse said my iron was perfect! Juice Plus was the only thing I changed. I began to question the power in fruits and vegetables!  

And since then with 2 more pregnancies back to back my iron has stayed ABOVE average!


Fritz came out perfect! I got to hold him for a few seconds before he started turning blue and took him for extra support, mainly oxygen. 

He remained stable with low support for the first 3 weeks. As he started to work harder to breath, sleep more and not each much it was decided that it was time for his first open heart surgery. 

He handled it wonderfuly and he was so much better afterwards. We stayed in recovery for 2 weeks. 

The rest of Fritz first year of life was a roller coster of events. And with out all the nitty grity details and turning this into a book. Here are the highlights. Feel free to message me if any of this resonates with you and you need to know more. 


Fritz went go on to have 

two more open heart surgeries, 

multiple breathing tubes down his throat, 

continuous oxygen, 



more IVs than a person wants to imagine, 

2 cathlab surgeries, 

a surgical correction for hypospadias, 

numerous Echos 

and daily x-rays at times, 

Bronci testing, MRIs and CT scans, one stint....


I've  had to watch my baby go though high narcotic withdrawals

I watched him lie in a hospital bed hooked up to every piece of equipment you can imagine

I stood by helpless as he had seizures after his 1 year vaccinations.

I sat silently praying that his pain meds were high enough because he was on a paralytic  


After Fritz first open heart surgery he was sent home and his pulmonologist insisted that he be on inhalers and reflux medications.

 I didn't know much but I knew I didn't want my baby on meds everyday and I was very confused as he had no signs of reflux (even silent) or asthma. When I asked the doctor he said it was, "For prevention"

I started doing some digging into what all these meds did and my findings were horrifying!!

 I quickly informed his pulmonologist he would not be taking these any more and we created a weanng schedule. 


At about 8 months Fritz kinda platoed  in his weight gain. Everyone - doctors, nurses, dietitians, insisted he go on PediaSure. 

I was super un easy about this. I was getting a grasp and start on understanding nutrition and processed food where not the answer for adults to have healthy weight gain so it wouldn't be for baby either. 

One look at the first ingredients and I went with my own gut and found a alternative that had him looking like a chubby bubble in 2 1/2 weeks! 


At 10 1/2 months he had a tracheostomy with a ventilator and G-tube put in. 

Fritz had worked so hard to stay off the g-tube for his first year. They where alway telling us he was under weight (which he wasn't) and now we had no choice, it was mandatory.

It led to him becoming depandant on it with a constant bloating from over feeding and having no interest in eating. It was a rough transition to get him off of this. When he should have never even recieved one feeding  unless he had showed it necessary. 


8 months into having his trach and vent I already noticed he was getting stronger. I began testing him with periods of time off the vent. With a few phone calls to the doctor and a sleep study. He was cleared to come off the ventilator! 

In the begining September of 2017, a few days after his second birth day he was clear to have the trach permanently taken out! Such a WONDERFUL day!

But again not with out its head scratching...When it was clear the hole was not closing on it own. I called his ENT Dr.  for month and month to find out when we could surgically close the site. I kept getting put off saying they did not want to do this incase he needed it. When is is simply not true. Anyone who has ever handled a trache knows a site will close to the point of needing to be surgically re-opened with in a few minutes. This is why trache cleaning and changes are extremely tedious. 

We where put off for a OVER year, another summer gone. Instead time spent being careful of dirt in his site, no swiming, minimale bath water...the list goes on. Exploring and play the most precious time for a 2 year old. A month after his 3rd birthday they finally closed the site.  


During all of this I had two more beautiful pregnancies ending in 3 under 2 1/2 years old. Each one of my kids has given me a different experience and taught me many lessons in health care and how God truly designed the body to work.

Millie was born right in the middle of Fritz's longest and most difficult hospital stay at 36 weeks, on August 8th, 2016. She never stayed in the nicu or had any preemie issues. 

I wouldn't change having these two so close together for the world. I have to tell you, for me I had to have another baby right away to know if I could have a "normal" pregnacy. After a miscarrage and a heart baby I was very nerves as I wanted to have a lot of kids. (Ok, yes, a dozen.)


Cinnamon's pregnancy was my most healthiest. She is my wild child and everything I thought it was to have a kido. Yep, she is my most natural choice child as well. 

I go thought spurts of mom guilt knowing my two eldest didn't get the amazing start my youngest did all to my ignorance. But we can rest in God's grace and mercy. If it wasn't for those experiences I wouldn't be here to share how and show you how true it is that God has provided us with everything we need thrive!

These are just some of the major events  in my journey that have taught me so much and fueled my fire to help find out when Modern Western Medacine is ok and when it is clearly experimental!! 

My Children are not going to be the lab rats!

Outside of all the medical, life was still happening as well, which has also helped shape me into standing up for my children and what is right.

At, the end of September 2017, three weeks after Fritz had his trach pulled I found out my husband at the time was having sexual desires towards Millie. He said he had had them since she was born but it was getting harder and harder not to act on them, he said. 

I found a place to live, packed up what we had, and left by the end of that next week, September 28th. 

Almost 5 months pregnant, 2 kids - two and under, one less medically dependent but still fragile, and a dog. 

I had so much support from my immediate family and friends, but it was still the hardest time ever in my life. 

Going pregnancy alone is not something I ever want to do again. It is amazing how emotions play a role in our physical health including delivery.

If you can beileve it, I was fighting to protect my girls, for months after I left.  Many people told me I had no biblical right to leave him. 

Later I have also found out he was a narcissist. Recovering from this kinda of mental and emotional abuse has also reshaped my life, making me so much stronger. 

I won't go into everything this situation played out but after all the grieving and exepting of now dead dreams. I'm so thankful this happened to me. I have been brought so much closer to my God and Savior. And now a even more beautiful life is unfolding for me. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with a abusive relationship, mentally, physically and/or emotionally I would love to share more of my story in hopes it will help. No woman or child is ment to live like this.


Even though these last 6 years have been a wild ride. 

I'm so thankful for where I have come and what I have been able to experience. It's been hard and I have felt like I'm going through a hell on earth, at times, but I know everything has brought me right where God wants me to be. 

I'm so excited to help you to stand up for your children in this world of untested western medicine. While it brings it's miracles some cases also have more risk than benefit. 

As parents, we must educate ourselves and be our child's doctor and advocate for there individual needs 

We can NOT ignore how magnificently God created our bodies and all the tools He naturally provided for us to live a full life for his glory on this earth. 

The battle starts now! Our children need us to speak up if they are going to have any kind of a life outside of a medical building and not tied to medications. This is not a life we are giving them. 

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