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Why are you giving your child a vitamin?

I think it is really important to know why you are giving your child vitamins before we get into what is best.

If you are doing something, "because I'm supposed to." Then you aren't going to be able to make the best choice and hold up the values you have for your child's health.

The thought process behind giving a child a vitamin supplement is because they aren't getting enough vitamins in their daily food (water & lifestyle) intake. 

What are Vitamins?

Vitamins are the nutrition our bodies need to grow, heal and fight off infection. 

Every vitamin does something different 

for the body.  

Where do vitamins come from? And how do we get them daily?

Vitamins mainly comes from fruits, veggies, berries, nuts, animal products, Sunshine, etc. These are called whole foods, because they are in their purest form.

This is the way God made them for us to consume. We can alter them by cooking and baking, but for the most part we pick some strawberries, pop them into our mouth and that's dinner.

Can My Child Eat Enough Fresh Produce to Get Their Needed Intake of Nutrition?

Yes...and no...The truth is it depends on the life style you live. If you are full on growing all your food and outside almost all the time then your more than likely set!

But the reality is that most of us depend on grocery stores for our food.

There are two issues here:

Produce from the stores has been genetically modified to grow faster, larger, or whatever they want. This has impacted the nutritional value. 

Then there is the fact that they pick the produce WEEKS before they are ripe! This is drastically reducing the nutrition in the food. Just like a baby needing to stay in the womb to get all the chance at life fruit need to stay on the vine and milk all that goodness till it is ready to be eaten. 

Bonus: The high sanitation that produce goes through in the stores also lowers are natural intake of minerals! 

In a study done by Ramberg and McAnnelley in 2002 we saw how just how fast the nutrients in produce has depleted. They showed how a woman in 1951 could meet her daily requirement of vitamin A by eating just 2 peaches, by 2002 that same woman would need to eat 53 peaches to obtain the same amount of vitamin A!


What are Vitamins in a Multivitamin?

The vitamins you see in kids multivitamins are not extracted from whole foods.

The vitamins in a multivitamin are made in a lab from synthetic ingredients. 

Your red flags should be going off. Because as we are seeing nothing that is mad in a lab and that tries to mimic God's creation is turning our for our good. 


It has been proven in many studies that synthetics do not absorb in the body & can increase death

But you may be saying well, myself, as a parent have felt better on X vitamin or when I took my prenatal I felt great and took them though my breastfeeding journey here is the truth....

The Body's Response

The bottom line is that the body does not respond to synthetics like it does a real vitamins from fruits and veggies. 

U.S. National Library of Medicine study shows vitamin E from a natural source is absorbed twice as well as from synthetic source.


Just like anything there is a quality. Even produce has quality to how it is grown, nourished and when it is picked. 

So buying a multivitamin (or any supplement) from Walmart is going to be some expensive pee & long term health issues which brings us to the next point.

But it worked for a while...

A lot of times these synthetics will feel like they are working at first! You may notice improvements and continue to use them. 

There are a couple things that are going to happen here...

At first the body can figure out how to use a synthetic vitamin to get what it is needing. Especially if it is in great need of that vitamin. But over time the body can't use it in synthetic form anymore and all the synthetics begin to build up causing a huge over dose and long term health problems.

Our bodies are simply just not made to consume fake nutrients. There will always be a (or multiple) negative side effect for everyone positive effect. food should never have a disclaimer. 


In 47 low-bias trials that involved over 180,000 participants, JAMA found that certain antioxidant supplements (vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta carotene) significantly increased mortality in the general population. 

And it appears that vitamin C and selenium barely made the cut, with a conclusion that mentions a recommendation to study those two supplements further to determine the true impact.

In 68 extensive trials that involved more than 230,000 participants and 385 publications, JAMA discovered that certain synthetic vitamins are actually causing more harm than good.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the only synthetic vitamin to have a surprisingly good impact in its synthetic form!

Which is great news because many fruits and veggies do not contain vitamin D. Our bodies actually create it from exposure to sunlight.

WARNING: You have to be sure to have a high quality brand and follow directions exactly because there is still risk of overdose!

Message me for my current brand recommendation and to see what is best for your child. 

How to Find a Better "Multivitamin"

Supplement Label

Supplement Label

Supplement Label


Nutrition Label

Supplement Label

Supplement Label


The Label

Here is where we tie it all together. We know our children need to bridge the gap between what they do eat and what they need to be eating to be eating to grow and have high immunity. 

Here is where to START looking for a better option. We want our child to have nutrition in there body not synthetics. So very simply look at the label. 

This is the first sign of a good source of nutrition and a expensive life long problem. 

You want the label to read nutrition NOT supplement. 

(There are a few exceptions in the supplement world like we saw above with vitamin D and others for short term use.) 

The next thing is other ingredients such as ascorbic acid, folic acid and what the capsule is made of or how the pill is held together, these are things you do not want to be taking daily.


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