Welcome To Scrunchy Time

Scrunchy Time is a podcast/vlog that my very best friend and I started late in 2018. 

As you know by now I advocate for children, on various topics, who don’t have a voice in this crazy world. 

Nicole Hegstad is a fertility advocate who helps woman who are struggling to get pregnant.


Together we’re a force to be reckoned with! 


Fun facts about the name Scrunchy Time: 

  Crunchy is a term that refers to granola eating, barefoot meditating, clean eating hippies.

Silky is a term that refers to following all of western medicine’s advice and living the normal American lifestyle.

We wanted a name that incorporated both of these concepts because we utilize both of these approaches to health! 

Hence “Scrunchy!”


We also LOVED the idea of putting our hair up and getting down to business!

(Much like Violet Baudelaire if I might add 😉 )

Grab a scrunchy, put your hair up and join us below for the latest episode of Scrunchy Time! 

Episode 14 - Our Bodies Are Not Broken

We need to stop viewing our bodies as broken. They know what they’re doing. Let’s give them the help that they need!

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