Hannah B.

"Being a new mom comes with a lot of fears and tribulations. Brigette has been there to help and support me through every choice and even late into the night when it comes to my child’s health! 

Not only was she there through my pregnancy and labor decisions; She’s helped teach me not to fear a fever, how to treat a cold without nasty medications, and how to teach my daughter to live a healthy and natural life style! 

My daughter has a congenital condition with her kidneys and living a natural lifestyle is the only way to heal her body without loading her up with medications that treat symptoms she never even had. 

Her doctors said her condition wouldn’t change, but it has! ‘Earthing and onions’ is my new motto! Nature is the best medicine!"


Nicole H.

"Brigette has become an indispensable part of my health. I have learned so much about medications from her! I’ve learned not only about the side effects of medications that I used to take on a consistent basis, but also the deeper way that they were injuring me. She’s also always had an answer for me.

 It’s easy to say not to take something, but having an answer to use instead is the hard part. My illnesses have not only decreased but when they do show up only stay for a fraction of the time that they used to. 

I cannot encourage you to follow, read and study everything this woman has to say enough! Having Brigette in your back pocket when the fear sets in, will be a huge comfort and you will wonder how you got along before her!"


Joyce M.

“Brigette has made such a profound difference in my life in many ways. When we met I was impressed by her ability to care for her family in a conscientious and intentional way, with an awareness and presence that I had never encountered before.

She was knowledgeable about everything that could impact her household, from the cleaning products she was using to the foods her family was eating. Brigette had done her research and she shared her knowledge generously and kindly with me. I was and still am amazed at her ability to accomplish what most others (including myself) are constantly striving for: bringing a passion and joy to the health of herself, her family and those around her in a pragmatic way. She does this despite, (or perhaps because of), having sometimes profoundly difficult life circumstances… and she makes it look easy.

Her passion for health and her lifestyle is contagious. An intrinsic part of this is her business since she has the ability to share so much of her wisdom in a way that connects people and creates tremendously good change. 

Because Brigette is a brilliant mentor and leader. She patiently answers all of my questions (which I frequently ask more than once). She has a fantastic knowledge base and an ability to explain concepts and information in a manner that enables me to apply it practically and immediately. She’s very reliable, smart and funny. Despite having such a list of admirable qualities she is the most humble person I know.

Her tenacity and resourcefulness in business reflect her true enthusiasm for living a healthy and abundant life. She is uniquely capable of revealing this amazing possibility to anyone smart enough to listen.

Through my friendship with her I have learned: how to be more brave, how to stand up for my beliefs and advocate for my health and others’ even when it’s not easy, how to create many new beneficial connections both personally and in business, how to make my career joyful and lucrative in a way I didn’t think was possible, how to think critically about my health and the health of those around me in order to create awareness and positive change, how to be a better mom, friend and leader…There is quite a list and it does go on!

I’m so grateful to Brigette for the wonderful impact she has on my life. Everyday I do something a little differently and a little better than I used to because of her.”


~ Courtney H.

“Brigette lives what she preaches and leads by example!

She is passionate about helping others find their definition of health and happiness to live a more prosperous and authentic life.

Her realistic, simple and practical view on nutrition and lifestyle for the modern day mother is very easy to implement for any mom in any situation to allow her to create a more nutritious and wholesome lifestyle for herself and family!”


Monica K


Ever since Brigette came into my life I have gained valueable knowledge about my hormones, nutrition and recognizing specific problems I have neglected for to long.

She’s an amazing listener and I know she always has my best intentions and will guide me to my solutions.

I love that she doesn’t pretend to know everything but she WILL go out there and find it if she doesn’t!

She will never leave you hanging!

If you need a gentle push toward being a healthier version of your self Brigette is your girl!!”



“Brigette’s program has really helped me get through all the fog of what is actually healthy for me and my body. She has given me clarity and confidence on how to have the best health naturally. To have more energy than I ever have before and to keep it maintained in a simple way.

She helped educated me on what real food is and how it fuels, heals, and protects my body the way we where created for it to do. I don’t stress anymore about what to eat and when to eat it.

I’m finally living out my life the way I want to and not according to what others tell me is best and healthy for my life. Because I now feel better than I ever have I can take advantage of opportunities I never dreamed I could do.

I resisted some new habits and steps she recommended but once I leaned into Brigette’s recommendations I got the results I wanted and realized I had to make changes to get different results and it was worth it!

I never realized just how much my health was holding me back in almost all areas of my life. “


Poala F.

“Brigette has helped me get clear on my eating habits as I’ve been struggling to get over the hump on what to eat. She has motivated me to want to stay healthy and has given me full of new ideas on how to keep a healthy balanced life.

You will not be disappointed having her as your coach”


~ Emilia P.

“Brigette is a smart compassionate and knowledgeable woman, who is able to translate her experience and skills in the realm of nutrition to the practical reality of Christian families.

Her passion and commitment to families health and wellbeing ensures the quality of the service that she will provide them.”


Angelique D.

“Through Brigette’s experiences she has learned the many benefits nutrition and a healthy lifestyle has on the body, mind and soul.

Two thumbs up for her program which takes a holistic approach. In addition, she can meet you where you are and individualize her program around your specific needs.

I think you will agree that Brigette’s passion and zeal for intentional eating habits and a healthy lifestyle will get you back on track with more energy and focus to live your life more fully.

I am so grateful to you Brigette!”


Earlier in Hannah B. life...

"I’ve struggled for a while with my general health. Starting as a young child, I went through health problems, including asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. A non-health problem I struggle with is dyslexia. While I grew out of my asthmatic stage, dyslexia will always be with me and this learning disability really brings down my self-confidence.

I met Brigette in 8th grade, we’ve been best friends for a long time. More recently, she’s been forced to make changes for herself and her family in the big area of health. Since she began doing that, I’ve been right there with her, leaning and gleaning from her harvest. 


Debbie S.

“Brigette is a bright and brilliants soul. She has figured it out and explains the true meaning of living a well-balanced healthy lifestyle and yes, One Mouthful at a Time. 

Thank you again!”


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