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The Fruits, Berries, and Veggies

Nutrition is the answer to everything. Our bodies live and grow from the nutrition we give it. 

Our food is excessively deficient for various reasons and we can never eat enough to get the nutrition we where intended to. 

So units we can all grow our own food again we need help. 

Juice Plus is fruits, veggies and berries in a capsule or gummie. 

Vine ripened for maximum nutrition. 

We have loved Juice Plus from the day we started. 

It has healed Fritz, gotten him off a g-tube, helped him gain weight, stay off medications, and kept him from getting severely sick like most kids in his condition. 

It helped me have two easy pregnancies, cleared up my sever anemia, keeps my milk production high, and keeps clarity of mind and fatigue away. 

We rarly get sick and when we have it last half as ling and less than sever as others around us. 

Kids get Juice Plus FREE

For every adult order placed your child can get life saving fruits and veggies for free!

House Hold

Lemongrass Spa

We enjoy all** Lemongrass Spa products but here are some faves

Check out all their products by clicking here. 

Join Sarah’s awesome VIP Group to get amazing updates and deals.

Check out our favorite picks below.

**NOTE: I don’t recommend essential oils from any company at this time. You can read/watch why in my essential oils session in the Members Site.

Healing Elements Balm

This stuff is the BALM 😉 and absolutely necessary for every medicine cabinet. 

We started using this as a diaper rash cream when everything else was failing and now we use it on everything! 

Diaper rashes, winter rashes, cuts, scraps, scars, pimples, during a cold rub on the chest and put a little up our nose, and of course in place of Neosporin. 

This balm comes in many handy sized and a little goes a long way!

Safe for all ages!

Baby Care Line

Unless you are planing on going no shampoo.

If you don’t know what that is and are interested check out our Skin and Hair Tutorial in the Members Site.

Room Sprays and Monster Spay

These are great to replace candles! I love the Monster Spray on our sheets too!

For Mom:

– Mineral Cover-up and Mascara – If you have ever used MarkKay cover-up and want to ditch the toxins THIS is your ticket

– Lavender Mint Body Polish – I use this maybe once a week to give my neck and shoulders a relaxing message in a hot shower

– Charcoal Face Kit – Love using this from being to end


I was super skeptical of Norwex when I first heard of it. But the quality and results have of there rags have won me over!**

I have use Norwex for a little over a year and am very happy. I do still use it in conjunction with natural cleaners for certain things (see below for the what, why, and how.) But I definitely can tell these bad boys  are cleaning up way better than your average dish rag and my cleaning time is cut in half!

The amount of water that all the cloths absorb up is a true life saver to a mom of any toddlers! 

I’ll go over a few of our favorite products and why but join Brittany’s fabulous VIP Group to get all the know how and ideas to REALLY simplify your cleaning life and updates on sales and new products! You can check out all their products here.

**I have not tried all of there liquid cleaners or there new beauty line. I recommend looking into them on your own. If you are unsure how to read chemical labels check out our recommended Toxic Chemical Course and Book By Nicole Hegstad


All kitchen cloths and towels!  Last, soft, no smell and make any scrubbing or cleaning easy. I personally have found that 3 hand towels and 3-5 cloths is a great rotation number

Hand Towels are great! They get your hands dry with just a couple of pats. 

Magnetic Ball –  If you feel you are using tons of  dishwasher soap and hard water spots are always left, this little ball is magic!

Produce bags – Ditch the plastic on your produce!

Bottle Brush is made of rubber and lasts forever. No more using worn out brushes and having to replace all the time. 

Spirinetts again replace those toxic chemical from other tough scrubbers and last much longer. 


Bath Towel is hands down the best towel I have ever used! I just got each of the kids one of these for our travels this summer. 

It last forever between washes and holds its softness. 


Baby Body Pack is great for for washing hands and faces after meals. 

Life saver on laundry and super soft on there skin!


Enviro Cloth – Brittany will be able show and tell you all the amazing thing this cloth will do. But it makes scrubbing and clean any surface a breeze. 

Window cloths are also an amazing way to get that Windex out of your house causing asthma, damaging your endocrine system and so much more!

Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls  was actually my first purchase from Norwex. Our laundry was taking forever to dry in our apartment rental and these did the trick! I have continued to use them ever since.

Mattress Cleaner – I love this stuff I was having trouble getting the dog pee smell out of our carpet in the wonderful potty training days. One bottle has lasted me 2 years and just now getting low! I use it on all fabric surfaces and if scrubbing is need with the enviro cloth just takes a few seconds. 


At this time I recommend all of shaklee’s cleaning products. 

NOTE: I want to make it VERY clear I DO NOT endorse any of there “health or beauty products.”

My favorite products are their laundry soap and booster (safe on cloth diapers!), disinfectant wipes, dish soap, and of course the Basic H but I find I am using this less. 


Children's Reading & Activity Books

We absolutely adore our Usborne book collection!

So many great stories, activity books, the vibrate colors and durability are amazing!

Find your child’s next great title here.

Marie Kondo

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up a few years ago now.

It really has helped me on this journey to minimalism and finding true joy in life and people not things. 

Remember that minimalism has a different definition for every person and family. It is a journey for each individual to be on. 

You can get her books on Amazon (not currently a affiliate link)

I have also seen her books in audio form for free on Youtube. 

Do Hard Things

I think this is the book that started it all. I read this in High School and after that always new we where here for more. 

Life holds way more for us and with Gods help we can do anything in his will. 

Do Hard Things focuses on going against the stigma of “just getting by” and doing your absolute best to the glory of God

whether it is a small or large task.

In my opinion every teen and adult has to read this book. 

Find it on Amazon and check out there website to learn more.


The Twirliest Dresses Ever

We can’t say enough about Wild Girl In A Dress’s girl clothing line!

The Dresses, the leggings, the kick shorts, the Jumpers and Rompers!

– They last forever – Millie is going on over a year in the same outfits. You can’t do that with any other brand!

– They come completely clean. YES, even the WHITE!

– Beyond comfortable for even the most sensitive kidos

– The leggings and shorts work GREAT on Fritz as well! (Tall and skinny boy, you know my struggle mammas.) 

Sizes 6/12 Months through 12/14 girls

(12/14 dress will fit up to a woman’s 8/10)

Check out their amazing collection here!

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