A VERY simplified guide for parents


By B. Wild ~ thebwildlife.com


I’ve been there. 

I don’t know if you have already done some extensive research on vaccines or not but I want you to know I have been in all the stages of no opinion to the biggest opinion and even denial. 

And it’s ok. I denied that this was an issue that needed to be looked into for years. I said I was too busy and I was vaccinated so my kids will be fine too. I even told my friends to back off (Sorry again. :( )

Thankfully, my friends never gave up on me (Special thanks to Nicole and Miranda!) 

It’s all a journey, so wherever you are let’s keep learning and growing together. No matter what stage we are at we can all learn from each other. 

As you have probably guessed this is an anti-vax book and if you’re still reading I thank you and your children & great-grandchildren thank you!

If you are pro-vax, still on the fence, or have no clue but your gut is just telling you to keep looking I hope this short guide helps you to be even stronger in whatever you choose. 

We need to know both sides so well that we could fight for both because truth is what we are all after as parents. In order to find the truth we must know both sides, in complete, so we are not brainwashed by one side.  

If we don’t know both sides, then how do we know what we are 

fighting for or against?


Vaccines are such a hot topic and for even questioning them or looking into why we SHOULD use them, you feel like your in the wrong and harming your child and those around you. 

I know, I have been there. My son was born with a heart condition. When your mama heart goes through that you let go of everything. 

Absolutely everything. 

Let the doctors do what is best, because they know what they are doing they have been here before. 

You are the fish out of water. 

You let go and just pray God will have mercy and whatever happens, it will turn out right. (And thankfully our God is merciful and His will, will always be done, but we must take care of what He has given us.)

Vaccines were something I didn’t have time or courage to look into or even stand up against. My son was dependent on having open heart surgeries and so much more. I thought I had to let go and let the experts do it.

But that is not what happens. That was WRONG. After 3 short months things didn’t add up anymore. There suggestions and practises where not what was best for my baby. I started to see him decline and I realized I needed to be my child’s advocate. I was his mother. I was home with him everyday. I saw what was best and what wasn’t. 


It was a lot of F*****g work, but a mother’s love doesn’t care. God gives his biggest trials to his strongest people. 

Life is NOT easy as a Christian.

 Life is NOT a pinterest board and a perfect daily schedule. 

Life is messy. Life has huge bumps. 

I praise God for every huge bump because it has brought me closer to Him, but yes sanctification is hard and it sucks at times. 

God changes us and molds us into people we never thought we would be and the sooner we let go of the perfect mom the world tells us we should be and let Him guide us to be the mom our kids need, the faster they will thrive in this broken world.

And as mothers (and fathers) we will bloom into beautiful wild flowers He has designed us to be for our family’s and for His Glory.

This takes a lot and I’m so happy you are here. You are stepping up and taking charge of your family’s bodies. 

This is our responsibility to be informed. 

“Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


I want this ebook to be short. There are so many extensive books and classes if you want all the nitty gritty and extensive research I have provided a list at the end of this book and those books, classes, podcasts, social media following will have more resources as well.

I want to break through all the overwhelm and false claims so you can clearly see what is going on and why. Every study and fact will have a resource to back it up. If I have missed adding it please reach out to me and I will provide the proof to what I am sharing.


If you have any questions, comments or want to chat with me 

please reach out! 

I want to make sure all your questions are answered. 

You should never be a fish out of water for your children. 

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Meet the Babies in Your Vaccines

It is crucial to know that MORE THAN 23 vaccines contain cells, cellular debris, proteins, and DNA from aborted babies.

You may have been told that there is only 2 cell lines from aborted babies back in the 50’s but this is NOT true. Many more babies were aborted and dissected in order to find the perfect stian.

EVERY SINGLE DAY NEW aborted babies are being used to create new cell lines for vaccines. 

100s of 1000s of babies never received a name or love and are only known as a  scientific reference number - all to prevent you from the inconvenience of a sick child.

These cells will be listed as a Human Designer Cell but it really means a cell from a murdered baby in the womb. One with a beating heart and soul just like any child, created in the image of God.

As any Christian you can NEVER get a vaccine again, now knowing that unborn babies have died to keep your child from getting simple, inconvenient illness.


Who are these babies? Here are just a few...but to many.

These babies are PERC6 who was a healthy 18 week old baby. This strain is being used to develop audino virus, Eboloah, influenza (the flu shot), malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV vaccines.  

HEK293 is from the kidneys of a healthy aborted fetus is being used to develop more influenza vaccines (the flu shot)

IMR90 cell line is a 16 week old female aborted baby and IMR91 is a male aborted baby. Both being used for vaccine production and functional referencases. 

WI38 is a 16 week old female baby aborted in sweden because the parents felt they had to many children. THe baby was packed on ice and sent to the United States where she was dissected. 

The use of WI38’s cells is a lucrative money making business. 

WI1 thought WI25 were dissected and derived from the lungs, skin, muscle, kidney, heart, thyroid, thymus, and liver of 21 separte elective abortions. 

WI44 was from the lung of a 3 month old surgically aborted fetus. 

MERC5 was derived from the lung tissue of a 14 week old male. 

WALVAX 2 is taken from the lung tissue of a 3 month gestation baby girl who was ultimately selected from 9 aborted babies. The scientists induced labor using a “water bag” abortion to shorten the delivery time and PREVENT the death of the fetus (BABY) to ensure LIVE intact organs. This is going to be the New MMR.

80 elective abortions where invloved in the research and final production of the CURRENT rubela vaccine. (21 from the original WI1-WI26 that failed plus WI38 by itself, and 67 from the attempts to isolate rubella virus.)

*NOTE: 67 abortions to produce rubella virus plus 32 abortions to produce the cell line for cultivation means there was a total of at least 99 elective abortions to create the rubella vaccine alone. 


It is shameful and disgraceful if a Christian continues to use vaccinate from this point forward. 

Vaccines have been derived from murdered babies.  

Torn apart, chemical burned, sucked out and ripped from the very womb God placed them, iced and shipped to a lab. 

All in order to avoid an 18 day rash in your child.


Reference: Spokane Regional Health district 


https://deeprootsathome.com/are-you-ready-to-meet-the-babies-in-your-next-vaccines/?fbclid=IwAR2qmXSgaerv5GaNMqsmMEaVbx-BireMhEdgfpYoPrnOBmkbW3zoSgT3zro (with more babies and stories listed)










Our Safety

What is this doing to our DNA?

What are the human safety studies that have been done on the effects of aborted fetal DNA cells and proteins from various body parts being injected into our bodies?


BUT there is other research that show that the mixing of DNA is a huge mistake. 

Why would we inject our children with foriegn DNA? This can cause so many medical conditions. 

References: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5689800/




Safety this is what we are all here for. 

Safe, happy, and healthy, all a mother could ask for on this earth.

Let’s start by all being on the same page. 

Definition of

Safe = To secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss

Not threatening danger; Harmless

Is there any drug or synthetic medicine that does not have a negative side effect? Simply by reading the inserts on any vaccine will show you the risks of injecting this “safe” product into your body. Therefore, no vaccine is safe.  

But, how do they get to this conclusion? We must test it, right? I’m sure you have heard many statements, media, and friends say that vaccines have been tested up the wazoo and they must be (or are) safe. 

But what are these tests testing? What is their definition of safe? 


A breakdown of why scientifically vaccines have NEVER been proven to be safe. We will go into more detail of these, but in sum….

 #1 - A true placebo has never been given to a control group in a safety study. In fact WHO (The World Health Organization) considers it to be unethical and instead another vaccine is used called a competitor or the competitor can be an injection of the vaccine ingredients such as aluminum. 

#2 - If a participant leaves the trial for any reason (including side effects and death to the injection), the final analysis is done on those remaining, skewing the results by eliminating those who DID have negative side effects, including death!

#3 - Studies include only healthy children even though a vaccine is recommended - and even required - for all children after it is approved.

#4 No study has ever been done on the vaccine ingredients for synergistic toxicity (In toxicology, synergism refers to the effect caused when exposure to two or more chemicals at one time results in health effects that are greater than the sum of the effects of the individual chemicals.)

The U.S. Supreme Court has even said vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”

EVERY vaccine has different ingredients and every human being has different genetic construction

EVERY SINGLE vaccine given, every day to every adult and child is an experiment, that can lead to unpredictable results, serious side effects including death.

WHENEVER anyone, your doctor or family member tells you that vaccines are tested for safety, you will now know that safety has never been performed and this applies TO EVERY SINGLE VACCINE


Your In Charge

So, who says that these vaccines are “safe”? And who does the test(s). 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The World Health Organization (WHO)

(Also, note that WHO is a panel of people that have been appointed NOT elected)

The National Institute for Health (NIH)

And The Food and Drug Administration  (FDA)

Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS)

These are believed to be the accredited, trusted and unbiased for disease, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines.  

Let’s see if they are in the next chapter meanwhile I want to make it very clear.

YOU, the parent, are the only one who knows your child best. You are with them daily, you know their ups, their downs, their moods, their needs, and routines. 

I know you may not always feel like but you have the instinct in you with re-learning this and tuning into your child you are there best advocate. 

I might say it is safe for my child to play in the backyard by themselves but that doesn’t mean it is safe for yours.

Your child might be perfectly safe playing with playdough and a butter knife while mine is not. 

What is safe for your child? 

Only you can answer that. 

God gave your child to you - NOT the government, NOT your friends, NOTyour mother, NOT the CDC, and NOT your pediatrician. 

He gave them to you!


Placebo Studies

One thing these test(s) could (and should show) is if they work. 

How would we know that?

By taking two people with the exact same health history and giving one the vaccine and the other a placebo (an inert substance.) 

Also, taking this a step further with a double blind study - 

“A double-blind study is one in which neither the participants nor the experimenters know who is receiving a particular treatment. This procedure is utilized to prevent bias in research results. Double-blind studies are particularly useful for preventing bias due to demand characteristics or the placebo effect.”

This double blind study is considered the gold standard in testing any product and medical research, according to the NIH.

“Randomized, Double-blind, placebo studies remain the most convincing type of study design, where confounding variables can done eliminated or minimized, allowing investigators to determine the accuracy of the clinical trial.”


Reference: Hulley, SB et al. “Designing Clinical Research” Lippincotte 2007, 251-65 pg. 


But Vaccine studies DO NOT follow this gold standard but guide lines that have been made up by the NIH, WHO, FDA, and CDC. 

I’ll show you what they do...

What is a placebo effect? 

“A beneficial effect produced by a placebo drug or treatment, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient's belief in that treatment.”

Makes sense right? Of course, this is a very basic testing protocol but this is NOT what is being done. Rather the CIOMS and WHO have changed the definition of a placebo and say that it is waistfull to not give some type of vaxxine as the placebo. 

This includes the problem of also saying no placebo is necessary.  

Here is what they say….

“As a general rule, research subjects that the control group of a clinical trial, should receive an established effective intervention. In some circumstances, it may be ethically acceptable to use a placebo or "no treatment.”
“Using a placebo in the control group would deprive subjects of an established effective intervention... therefore it would be unethical to use a placebo.” 


Reference: International Ethical Guidelines for Epidemiological Studies Prepared by the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) in collaboration with the WHO, February, 2008. page 56-57, Reach out to me to get a copy)


So instead of studying safety and determining if a vaccine is safe to prevent an illness, they are establishing a side effect profile for a new vaccine.

Again, they (WHO & CIOMS) are saying it is unethical to use an inert  substance. Comparing a substance that can cause harm to a substance that can cause harm is being called safety. 

Therefore WHO freely admits, “It may be difficult to assess the reactogenicity of the trail.” 

No, duh?!

This then gets WORSE as of 2016 when CIOMS and WHO changed the guidelines from “SHOULD” to “ Must Receive” 

World Health and CIOMS have now eliminated a true placebo to test vaccines for safety by declaring that the control group must receive a vaccine instead of a placebo!


Reference: International Ethical Guidelines for  Epidemiological Studies prepared by the CIOMS in collaboration with WHO, 2016, page 9 & 11

Here are some quick examples - - - 

#1 - The ‘placebo’ can be another vaccine, called a comparator 


One group of children was given Pediarix which is 

DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis) , polio, and Hep B - all In one shot

The other group of children was given as a placebo of  DTaP, Polio and Hep B - all individual shots

The Pediatrix shot was declared “safe” in 2002 (as one of the first combined vaccines) Because it had the same side & effects as the placebo. 

How does that work? Because we get the same side effects it’s ok? 

What are the side effects? What is being damaged to give these side effects? 

“Ten double-blind studies involving 2,252 subjects showed no significant difference in the frequency or severity of adverse experiences between ENGERIX-B and Hepatitis B plasma-derived vaccines...All subjects were monitored for 4 days post-administration.” ~ ENGERIX-B package insert 

Comparing a vaccine to a vaccine does not prove safety it compiles a side effects profile for four days. 

We know that side effects can show up days, weeks, and even months after a vaccine is given. Normally, drugs are followed for 4 years before they are approved.


When the polio vaccine was “tested” millions of children were given the polio vaccine and other the tetanus shot. 

The side effects of the Polio vaccine where similar to those of the tetanus and therefore the Polio vaccine was declared as safe as the placebo. 

But wait how safe is the Tetanus shot????

(Stay tuned for our tetanus section to see how bizarre this is!)

#2 - The ‘placebo’ can be an injection of a vaccine ingredient 

The placebo to Gardasil-4 was 225mcg of aluminum, given to young girls and boys in an attempt to prevent cervical and rectal cancer.

 The vaccine was tested on fewer than 12,000 girls aged 9-12 years, subjects were followed for only 6 months. 

Each Gardasil dose also contains 225 mcg of aluminum 

25.4% - injection site pain and swelling after receiving Gardasil

15.8% - injection site pain and swelling after receiving the shot of aluminum (i.e. the placebo).

When the side effects of the Gardasil vaccine were comparable to the side effects of a 250 mcg injection of aluminum, investigators call Gardasil “as safe as placebo in 2006”

#3 - The ‘placebo’ can be an ‘add-on’

Subjects are given either the trial vaccine mixed with an existing vaccine or the trial vaccine mixed with something considered to be inert, which is? We don’t know. 

Either way ALL subjects being tested are given the new vaccine.

Why do they do this?

The use of add-ons in vaccine research is to avoid giving an “empty injection” to the control group. 

What is being tested here? The vaccine or the placebo?


Reference: Expert Consultation on the use of placebos in vaccine trails from the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. Pg. 13


Base Line

If you have had a child in for any medical procedure or extended stay you may have been asked, “What’s his/her baseline?” or heard one nurse say to the other, “This has been their baseline since admittance.” 

A baseline is a fixed reference point to which a condition can be compared. 

Is the child worse or better?

When vaccine studies are conducted ONLY healthy children are used. 

Children with chronic illnesses, seizure disorders, other medical conditions are excluded, even though the vaccine is recommended – or required – for all children once the vaccine is approved. 

EXAMPLE: The Prevnar vaccine is encouraged to be given to children missing spleens and ciclesell are encouraged to get the vaccine, yet children with ciclesell where SPECIFICALLY removed from the ‘safety’ study.

The Prevnar7 safety study

Healthy infants were randomized 1:1 to receive either the Prevnar conjugate vaccine or the Men type C vaccine at 2, 4, 6 and 12 to 15months of age. 

(NOTE: That in this study another vaccine was used as the placebo and this particular vaccine isn’t even approved for use in children in the U.S.)
Children with sickle cell disease, known immunodeficiency, any serious chronic or progressive disease, a history of seizures or a history of either pneumococcal or meningococcal disease were excluded. 

Children with sickle cell disease and who have had their spleen removed are encouraged to get this vaccine even though this vaccine was never tested on these cases.

REFERENCE: Black, Steven, et al. “The safety and immunogenicity of heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in children.” Pediatr Infect Dis J, 2000;19:187–95Vol. 19, No. 3 


Just because millions of vaccines have been administered with few side effects on record does not make them safe.  

How does this work with mandatory vaccination?

 Health care is no longer individual but we are all treated as if we have the same illness (or none), body make-up, genetic history, etc.



So we just learned that when children are entered into a vaccine trail they should be average healthy children. Logic should follow then that any illness or reaction, large or small should be marked against the vaccine. 

But this is not the case. 

Three injections are usually given in a clinical trial as part of a standardly accepted study design.

The first injection primes the immune system, the second boosts the response, and because antibodies fades with time a third injection is given to generate an even higher antibody response and then the antibody stays in the body for a prolonged period of time.

If a child leaves any trial for ANY reason INCLUDING SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS the final profile is done with the children remaining in the trail. 

Therefore the results are skewed towards positive results because all negative side effects including serious side effects and even death are NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT. 


A Study starts with 1,000 babies. 

After shot #1 a 100 babies drop out due to becoming ill or death

After shot #2 another 100 babies drop out due to becoming ill or death

And after Shot #3 another 100 drop out due to becoming ill or death 

The final analysis on side effects and safety is done on the remaining 700. 

With the stroke of a pen study investigators can negate serious side effects, such as hospital stays, sieser disorders, and even deaths.

What you will see are statements like this, “Study investigators have determined that the 3 deaths in the study were not related to the vaccinations.” But this is only do to those deaths dropping out of the study because of a side effect after the shot was given. 

Remember side effects to a vaccine can show up days, weeks, months, and years later. 


Yes, They Are Effective

Definition of

Effective - successful in producing a desired or intended result

So, yes, vaccines are effective. But what does that really mean? 

Vaccines are effective because researchers investigate the ability of injecting matter to stimulate the production of an antibody. 

That is how vaccines are effective - When foriegn matter is injected into the body, an antibody is generated to help neutralize the chemicals and other forghien proteins found in the vaccine ...BUT the presence of an antibody does not guarantee protection from illness. 


Effective is not a synonym for protection - Researchers investigate the production of an antibody...but the presence of an antibody does not guarantee protection from an illness occurring.


First it is important to note that mumps generally resolves itself without any treatment.

The 2006 Mumps ‘Outbreak’:

 2,597 Cases, Average age was 21 (but ranged from 1-96 years), with 25 hospitalisations, no deaths were reported.  1,275 (49%0 where confirmed cases, 915 (35%) as probable (symptoms but never tested, clinically appeared), 287 (11%) as suspected, 120 (5%) cases as unknown. 

ONLY 30% had a known vaccination status (817 persons)

51% of those had 2 doses of MMR, 12% of those had 1 dose of MMR, ONLY 6% were completely unvaccinated.

BOTH the public health officials and pro-vaccine advocates where QUICK to accuse the unvaccinated community. 

(31% mostly adults, vaccination status was unknown)

Reference: Update: Multistate Outbreak of Mumps: US, Jan 1 to May 2, 2006. MMWR: May 26, 2006 / 55(20);559-563. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5520a4.htm 


2014 Pertussis: 

1/1/2014 to 11/26/14 a total of 9,935 of reported to the CDOH

2,006 cases were among 14-16 years old, 4 were admitted to the hospital for less than 2 days, 1 admitted for 5 days, Therefore 2,001 cases treated uneventfully at home and all recovered completely and there were no deaths.

Of the 2006 cases, the full vaccine status was known for 1,665 students (83%), 87% of those were fully vaccinated + teen boosters, which means they had received FIVE doses of pertussis vaccine during childhood and a teenage booster! 

ONLY 36 of 1665 students (2.2%) were completely unvaccinated.

How protective is the pertussis vaccine when a 87% of the children that became ill had received 6 doses of the vaccine?

REFERENCE: CDC: Pertussis Epidemic — California, 2014. Dec 5, 2014 / 63(48);1129-1132 https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6348a2.htm 


Chickenpox Assessment

1995: introduced

Because it was such a failure at keeping children from contracting the disease a second dose was added to the schedule in 2006 just before entering kindergarten, about 5 years old.

An assessment was done in 2013 & 2014, nearly 20 years later, to see if the vaccine was keeping children from contracting chicken pox. 

What was discovered is that ...MORE THAN HALF the children that contracted chicken pox during that time frame. 54.7% had received at least one dose of the chickenpox vaccine. 

12,784 reported cases with known vaccination status. 

7,000 had received at least 1 dose of varicella vaccine. 

MEANING 54.7% of those who had chicken pox had at least 1 dose

But there is more!

Among these 7000 vaccinated persons, WHO HAD CHICKENPOX, 1331 had received 2 doses, and 14 had received 3 doses. 

If the vaccine effectively generated antibodies in the body, did the antibody keep them from getting ill? No, it did not.

REFERENCE: Multistate Outbreak of mumps. US, jan. 1 to May2, 2006 MMWR: May 26, 2006 / 55(20);559-563

CDC: Epidemiology of Varicella During the 2-Dose Varicella Vaccination Program — U.S., 2005–2014. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/65/wr/mm6534a4.htm 



Tetanus is a condition manifested by severe muscle spasms with the slightest movement. The muscle spasms can involve the muscles of the neck and severe clenching of the teeth, hence the name “lock jaw.”
Tetanus is caused by a spore forming bacterium, this bacterium can not grow in healthy tissue that are high in oxygen and infections are usually a result of a penetrating injury with the inoculation of the spores deep into a wound. The spores germinate deep in the tissue where there is lack of oxygen.  The spores release an extremely potent toxin called tetanospasmin. It can take 2-14 days for the toxin to migrate along the neuron to the spinal cord and cause the spasms

Think about that for a minute - It can take up to 14 days for the spores to reach the spinal cord, rushing to the hospital to get a tetanus shot IS NOT necessary. Washing the wound is the best you can do. Also, you can not catch tetanus from anyone (has nothing to do with herd immunity, Well get to that) therefore a mandatory vaccine is not necessary. 

A Tetanus shot can effectively generate an antibody it can not protect you from the clinical ailment known as tetanus.
Also NOTE: There is no diagnostic laboratory test for tetanus; the diagnosis is entirely clinical observations.
The CDC says that while it can take months to heal from tetanus, 4 out of 5 people FULLY recover. 

While tetanus is serious, good wound hygiene is the BEST thing you can do - Wash it out thoroughly with warm running water, and allow it to bleed for several minutes (the bleeding helps washes out the wound and bring white blood cells and oxygen to the wound.) 

What are we SO afraid of!? 

 REFERENCE: Manual for the Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. Chpt 16: Tetanus and  CDC Pink Book, Tetanus


In Summary …

”When foreign matter is injected into a person, an antibody is generated to assist in the elimination of the foreign matter. Do I want to risk the potential vaccine side effects - that can and do include death, to develop an antibody that probably does NOTHING to keep me from getting sick?”

When you can receive an injection and can get sick anyway they are not protecting you!


Selected References: Tetanus in the Fully Vaccinated 

Crone, NE, Reder AT. “Severe tetanus in immunized patients with high anti- tetanus titers.” Neurology. April 42(4). 761-4. 1992
Shimoni, Zvi, et. al. “Tetanus in an immunized patient.” British Medical Journal (BMJ), Vol. 319. October 16, 1999.
Beltan, Alvaro, et. al. “A Case of Clinical Tetanus in a Patient with a Protective Anti-tetanus Antibody Level.” Southern Medical Journal (SMJ), Vol. 100, Issue 1. 2007.

Ergonul O, et al. An unexpected tetanus case. Lancet Infect Dis. Jun;16(6):746- 752. 2016.


Known Side Effects & Risks

This could be SOOOO extensive but I will just compile a list here for you to think about and research on our own. As I said before, I want this brief for a quick read there are several books that can take you through the details of every single vaccine and its side effects and the side effects of the intense vaccine schedule we have our children go through. 

Also just simply check out the package inserts (labels) you’ll be floored to see that most side effects are greater than the illness we are vaccinating for. 

NOTICE how all these side effects are on the rise in our infants and children...




Illness from the vaccine strains

Low birth weight

Premature Birth

Death in pregnancy (152% INCREASED rate of fetal death in children whose mothers were vaccinated.)




Low Immune System

Autisms (Yes, this is true. Like the studies done on vaccine the one study showing that vaccines do not cause autism were inaccurate.)


Gut Health


Down Syndrome




It is highly recommended that expectant mothers get a few vaccines that you almost feel are required. 

Specifically the Tdap and the Flu shot. As we have already seen how bad these are on a good day. 

Receiving the flu shot has been proven to cause down syndrome and death (increased chances by a 152%!) 

If a child can’t receive a vaccine until months and years of age out of the womb why could their bodies handle it at weeks of age inside the womb?


References: https://thewilddoc.com/gates-foundation-funds-research-into-flu-vaccine-during-pregnancy-major-backfire/?fbclid=IwAR0f9UYbpq-MlW_SEa7-85V9zNv9MUjNKijWCNR82HV-4vo-5wBcgJ4HNZQ


Other Books & Resources

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